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What we offer?
Logo Design Service

FKIP is your home to creative and interactive digital solutions. We make your business stand out with a diverse approach in digital. When it comes to providing custom logo design, we believe that a thoroughly studied and well-defined business logo design helps businesses in revamping their brand identity. Like Trademarks, logos come in different shapes and sizes and can vary from an iconic logo design using imagery to an illustrative logo design which is a work of art. Other popular logo designs include woodmark and lettermark logo, 2D and 3D logo and animated logo.

What we offer?
Trademark Registration

Trademarks identify your brand. It is a vital part of your business and brand. A trademark can be anything — words, phrases, numbers, symbols, designs, shapes, packaging and sometimes smell and sound or a combination of these elements; in short it is a badge of authenticity and ownership. A trademark provides legal protection to your company in such a way that company names and domain names do not provide. FKIP helps you in getting your trademark registered at the Intellectual Property Office (IPO UK). This registration works as a proof of ownership and strengthens the authenticity of your business’s trademark rights in UK with enhanced protection against infringement.

Soon after you have finalized your logo design and have confirmed that no other businesses use a similar trademark, you can apply for a Trademark Registration. At FKIP, we help our clients in brand selection, brand name availability, and clearance searches. Moreover, we provide an array of services to secure and maintain their rights in trademarks, logos, slogans, packaging, and much more, and that too in great time and budget. In addition, we work closely with clients to apply custom solutions best suited to them.

Many countries/territories have their own trademark system and to secure a trademark you will need to apply in each countries/territories separately.

In the UK the Intellectual Property Office (IPO UK) is the government regulatory body that deals in trademark registration. A Trademark registration provides protection of your trademark for 10 years, starting from the date of registration and can be renewed every 10 years. This helps protect your trademark in perpetuity.

Similarly, it must be noted that using someone else’s registered trademark for business purposes without seeking the owner’s permission is a criminal offence. If you wish to use someone else’s trade mark you should contact the rights owner for a license or permission to use their protected trade mark.

How We Do It?

Once your logo is finalized from the design team and approved by the authorities, and have confirmed that no other businesses use a similar trademark, you can start with the application process with FKIP. The application is time-consuming, but if you have all of your business information organized and at arm’s reach, you should be able to answer each of our questions with ease. The information primarily required can be broken down into sections including contact information, selecting your trademark, class of goods and services, description of goods and services, trademark use status and owner/applicant information. You can use our best practice for quick registration.

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