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Patent Service

Inventors obtain the right to stop others from making, using, or selling their invention through a patent. Patents apply to inventions and are eligible for patent protection if it is unique, valuable, functional and operative, genuinely inventive. In short, they protect the function of new products and industrial processes.

Patents shall be registered in the individual country or region of use. Patents must be registered at the IPO-UK to obtain protection. Patent registration lasts for up to a maximum of 20 years. Initial registration protects the product or process for four years from the application date. The owner can annually renew the registration till the 19th year.

Patent Registration and Trading

Are you seeking commercial value for your invention and want to get a patent for your once-in-a-lifetime invention idea? Getting a product to market takes a severe amount of knowledge and experience. As an intellectual property services company, we at FKIP have the expertise to guide you through commercially focused IP advice for inventions. Moreover, we can help you understand the commercial strength of your patent and how to do business together.

We are fully aware of the strengths of a patent and the innovative level they put into the market. We realize the importance of these business assets and the economic worth of your invention. Because of this, we are constantly pushing to improve our services to deliver solutions to our clients and answers to their inquiries, so they can define the best patent strategy to move forward with their inventions.

Patent Valuation Services

FKIP provides a wide range of patent-related services. The service provision includes, for example, patent valuation, competitive analysis, diligence and buying and selling . In addition, as our clients’ innovation and business needs keep evolving rapidly, our patent experts are equipped to advise and draw strategies to fit their business plans. 

FKIP has a commendable record of patent procurement and enforcement, coupled with the group’s legal and comprehensive technical experience, which facilitates robust protection of our clients’ IP interests and investments in technological innovations worldwide. Moreover, as our clients’ innovation and business need rapidly evolve, our patent experts are equipped to advise and draw strategies to fit their business plans.

How We Do It?

It’s not as easy as it once was to obtain a patent. As a result, our focus often turns to render patent validity and infringement, valuation, due diligence investigations, and interference proceedings. We also provide support and technical guidance from experts.

Our patent experts work with clients on the commercial and technical aspects of innovations that focus on numerous industries, businesses, and ventures. We also have significant experience. FKIP has experience designing mutually beneficial collaborative agreements between companies to provide ownership of patents resulting from the collaboration.

From our IP brokerage platform, and together with a network of IP professionals, we serve entrepreneurs, closely-held businesses, and large corporate clients regardless of whether they are seeking to trade, finding the worth of their patent, calculating assessment risk, generating leads, or analyzing competitors to improve the chances of successful deal integration.

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