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About Us

Companies today are built on great ideas, energetic teams, demanding investors, stubborn clients, but on the contrary, they only indulge in preliminary information about the significance of intellectual property for the well-being of their business. At FKIP, we believe that you should only spend your hard-earned money on things that add value to your business in the long run. It can be costly and time-consuming for a company embarking on IP trading, registering, and licensing programs.

FKIP is an unmatched IP brokerage firm located in Hamilton, UK. By applying reputed and proven financial, management, and marketing methodologies to your IP portfolio, we are bound to improve the protection of your company assets, empower your strategy, and unleash the monetization benefits.

For years, FKIP and our IP specialists have engaged with companies and their business counselors in IP brokerage worth millions of pounds. It requires a comprehensive approach towards the intricacies of the business, including aspects such as due diligence, technology assessment, market analysis, value analysis, competitive analysis, lead generation, introduction, lead management, contract negotiations and relationship management., to capitalize on the worth of the portfolio.

Why Us?

Inventors face several alternatives to making their invention a commercial success, and they can build their own startup company from scratch using their resources. Often inventors are interested in expanding their intellectual property assets through licensing and acquisitions. However, since there is no well-defined market for buying and selling patents or other IP assets, an inventor or patent owner does not find many options to monetize their asset. In such cases, an intellectual property broker can help by connecting the inventor or patent owner with one or more interested buyers.

FKIP works dedicatedly to increasing the value of IP portfolios for our clients. We have a vast global network and unmatched experience besides a thorough knowledge of the industry. Our team has an incomparable understanding of IP values and expertise to deliver the maximum value for the portfolio.

Our success is contingent on religiously adhering to the highest ethical standards, as honesty tends to be our most valued business principle. Our repute is our most treasured asset.

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Our Mission

We aim to build long-term relationships with our customers and retain clients by providing extraordinary customer services through innovation and advanced technology.

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Our Vision

To provide transparent and quality services that exceed the expectations of our esteemed customers.

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Our Goals

To build a good reputation in intellectual property trading and services and become a key player in the industry.

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Core Values

We grow through creativity, invention, and innovation into all aspects of our business functioning.

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