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Copyright Service

Copyright is an unregistered right that exists when an original work comes into being. It is a legal term used to define creators’ rights over their literary and artistic works, including works covered by copyright ranging from books, technical drawings, and films to computer programs, databases, advertisements, maps, music, paintings, and sculpture. Copyright protection can only be applied to expressions and does not apply to operational methods, processes, mathematical concepts, and more. Furthermore, copyright is not available for several objects such as titles, captions, slogans, quotations, or logos. Finally, it solely depends on whether copyright spans over a limited period, generally known as the term or duration of copyright protection. Therefore, copyright lives and dies.

Trademarks protect brands, patents protect ideas, whereas copyrights protect creative assets such as photographs and website content. FKIP is well equipped to guide you through what can be an overall strenuous process, helping you protect the copyrights in the best possible manner. Whether you want to copyright a photograph, website, computer program, or novel, FKIP is happy to help you secure copyright to protect your design. We can also assist with ownership and authorship issues that may arise and copyright transfers, assignments, and terminations.

How We Do It?

Copyright is a lengthy process, and we provide a wide range of advice on copyright-related matters.

Commercialization: We have an experienced team specializing in helping clients commercialize products protected by copyright.

Injunction: We are specialists in copyright injunction. According to our client’s objectives, this may involve merely seeking authorship recognition, requesting copyright material removal from websites, copyright registration, guiding for the privacy policy, terms & conditions, sale or transfer of ownership.

Ownership: We advise on the existence and ownership of copyright, mainly where there may be more than one author of a copyrighted work or where work has been commissioned or arisen in the course of an employee’s employment. It is an infringement to copy someone else’s copyright material without permission, and unauthorized use could result in a civil action in a court. It is also a criminal offense to copy or knowingly deal in infringing copies of copyright works.

Whether you are just starting to consider making a copyright application or you are looking for a team of professionals to handle an extensive intellectual property portfolio, the team at FKIP is prepared to meet your business’s needs.

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