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IP Trading

The ideas behind your business are equally important as the business itself. You leave yourself open for others to steal your unique ideas and using them for their benefit, if you do not protect your intellectual property. Protecting your ideas from others is a challenging task, and hiring an experienced intellectual property brokerage expert can make a critical difference in the success of your claims. Whether you seek intellectual property protection or go after others to steal your ideas, the intellectual property experts at FKIP have the knowledge and experience to litigate your claims successfully.

IP Valuation

IP Valuation is the process of determining the monetary value of assets. To sell, license or enter into any commercial arrangements based on IP, you need to be able to put a value on an IP asset. IP valuation is also beneficial in the enforcement of IP rights, internal management of IP assets, and various financial processes. Regardless of the method used, the valuation process requires gathering much information about the IP asset and an in-depth understanding of the economy, industry, and specific business that directly affect its value. Our IP valuation services include: Good will & intangible asset impairments, useful life of asset, business valuation, market analysis, competitive analysis and financial reporting & taxation.

IP Diligence

Intellectual property due diligence is vital for buyers because it can help them evaluate whether a target acquisition is worthwhile, avoid deal-breakers, or determine how much the target company is worth. IP due diligence is just as valuable for the seller, and performing the due diligence process on your own company, can help you surface any risks or potential IP issues that might hinder a sale. In addition, this diligence will put you in an excellent position to make any necessary amendments or preparations ahead of the buy-side team conducting due diligence.

IP Buying, Selling, and Licensing

FKIP advises clients on a wide variety of issues regarding the sale or purchase of an intellectual property. Like any other property, intellectual property rights can be sold, given away, or licensed. For example, it has become increasingly common for borrowers to offer their patents, trademarks, and copyrights as security to collateralize business loans and assist in debt restructuring – either in mergers and acquisitions or liquidations and reorganizations.

One crucial way to diffuse IP-protected innovations throughout the economy is licensing. The existence of technology markets in which IP owners can authorize their creations efficiently and at attractive terms is likely to affect their incentives to invest in innovation positively. Moreover, licensing contracts ought to be pro-competitive, fostering both competition ex-post and innovation ex-ante.

FKIP, IP brokerage and licensing services are an industry leader in the diverse monetization market. We serve a range of companies, start-ups, and individual inventors—helping them all extract value from their intangible assets. Our combination of qualified professionals, business, and technical skills with our vast network of contacts and a long term, relationship driven perspective has consistently delivered results for our clients.

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