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Fareeha & Kashif Limited is a well-established intellectual Property trading and consulting service in the United Kingdom. With a multidisciplinary approach and diverse expertise, we claim to be your one window solution for matching buyers and sellers, registration, valuation, analysis, diligence and licensing for intellectual property assets such as trademark, patents, copyright, designs, and inventions. At FKIP, we believe clients can gain the very best services and advice at the most reasonable cost.

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Trade Mark &
Logo Design

We help our clients in brand selection, brand name availability, clearance searches. Moreover, we provide an array of services to secure and maintain their rights in trademarks, logos, slogans, packaging, and much more, and that too in great time and budget. In addition, we work closely with clients to apply custom solutions best suited to them.

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Patent Service

FKIP provides everything you require to evaluate, analyse, diligence,  buy or sell a patent. In addition, we advise clients on solving business issues through patent portfolio management and strategy by trading IP assets. We do all this and much more through a dedicated platform focused exclusively on their brand and patent assets.

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Copyright Service

Copyright serves as a legal instrument that protects any work that conveys information or ideas. Our copyright team advises clients on best practices to protect their work through agreements and licensing. Our copyright services include copyright protection, licensing, registration.

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IP Trading

FKIP provides a platform to manage the protocol that follows an IP deal by targeting the potential buyer or seller. We will then engage with the buyer and seller to ensure the best price to close the deal with complete transparency. Our IP Trading services include IP Valuation, IP Analysis, IP (Selling/Buying/Licensing), and IP Due Diligence.

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Software/Platform Development

We provide unmatched digital branding and marketing services. We deploy a thorough team of designers and developers who offer customized solutions for your software needs and platform development. We leverage our large knowledge base to simultaneously deliver solutions that meet customers’ business and budget expectations.

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